Maxi Made

Necklace – Swarovski 

Hello there! So I’ve had this maxi-skirt for a while now and it was almost rotting away in my wardrobe. Yesterday I decided to play with it a little and thought how I could make something interesting and fun out of it. I decided to wear it like a dress and added the belt on it to give it a little shape and add to the curves.

I’ve hardly experimented with my clothes but I realized how you can actually come out with something totally cool if you just  put in a little effort. I know so many people out there who’re totally game when it comes to clothes. Who knew it could actually be a lot of fun . This being my first post I felt it’ll be nice to share this. Im a little shy and not that bold when it comes to experimenting but since I want to change that, this feels like a good start. And you should try too if you’re among the shy ones. What’s there to loose after all! Make an Effort and in time become an Expert 😉 


Maxi Skirt – H&M , Bag – Charles&Keith , Belt – H&M 
Heels – Charles&keith , Watch – MichaelKors

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