Green Christmas with Innisfree

Today I decided to write on the skin care products I am currently using. I recently bought a few Innisfree products. Well for those who don’t know,  Innisfree is a natural skin care brand from Korea that shares the benefits of nature from the pristine island of Jeju for healthy beauty and pursues an eco-friendly green life to preserve the balance of nature. YAYYY GO GREEEEEN!!!

Innisfree squeeze masks, Innisfree Whitening Pore Skin Care products

Now that we know that, The Innisfree Squeeze Masks are one of my favourites and I got the whitening pore skincare line to try on. Its been about a week since I started using it. The Squeeze Masks I use every 2-3 times a weeks only. They make my skin feel really fresh and soft and also smoothens my skin texture.

Coming to the daily skin care routine – I start off with cleansing my face, post which I use the whitening pore skin Toner to clean off my face a little more. Next I use the whitening pore synergy serum and then the whitening pore moisturizing cream. It does make my skin feel real soft and also keeps it well hydrated. I also feel it brightens up my face a little. As for the dark spots and pores, I haven’t seen much change yet but I’m hoping I see some difference in the next few weeks. I have been doing this every morning and night. At night I use the whitening pore sleeping pack after the skin care routine before bed.

Ingredients : 
Jeju Tangerine Peel Squeeze

Jeju tangerine peel squeeze from organic tangerine grown on the pure Island of Jeju has six types of citrus flavonoids effective in keeping the skin smooth, clean and bright.
Combined with functional active ingredients, it works on dull, uneven skin and pores to keep the skin clean and flawless.
1. Harvest
Harvest organic tangerine grown in the pristine environs of Jeju Island.
2. Squeeze
Squeeze out nutrient-rich tangerine peels to obtain fresh tangerine peel squeeze.
3. Extract
Stabilize tangerine peel squeeze to prevent spoilage and use pure water to obtain extract applicable for the skin.

Since its the Christmas month I also received a lot of free samples and a gift box of Aloe Revital special kit, Jeju volcanic color clay mask and a mirror. It was sure a treat 😀

There is another product that I am genuinely obsessed with. The Innisfree Auto eyebrow pencil with oval shaped eyebrow pencil lead. 

I’ve been using the Auto Eyebrow pencil for the past two months now. Absolutely love it. It is :
1. Flat oval shape
The flat oval shape allows to draw wide and delicate eyebrows.
2. Soft texture and natural color
Its soft texture glides over the skin without irritating the skin and adds a natural look
3. Spiral brush
Soft spiral brush allows beginner for easy eyebrow drawing.

Overall I really like this Korean Skin Care Brand. Ofcourse not all the products actually work since we all have really different skin types. All we gotta do is figure out what really works for us.

Merry Christmas!  Until next time 🙂