Lets Do Denim

December is finally here and it still feels like Summer in Mumbai. It never gets cold. I miss winters and the jackets, the woollens, the coats, the mufflers aahh! As you know I’m from a place that’s probably running in minus degrees right now, Mumbai is exactly the opposite. Although I absolutely love the fact that Mumbai somehow has the most amazing weather and is never to the extremes, I do feel I could use the chill every now and then. Anyhow my winter clothes are going to stay in my closet for a good long time until I decide to move to a cooler place or style it differently. That makes me come to the point that I actually tried the later. I have a long denim jacket that I grabbed out to the rescue. I decided to wear it like a denim dress and added the same old black belt. I wanted to wear it with a pair of black boots but I didn’t have one right now. Though I think my platform sneakers did a good job. So that’s my denim look. What do you guys think?

Denim jacket – H&M 
Glasses and Belt – H&M ,
Platform Sneakers – Zara Basic